Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Outdoor BBQ Island

After we finished off the setting up the integrated wine fridge and installing the quartz countertop on this outdoor BBQ island,  the owners finally had a chance to enjoy a meal and some nice vino on their new outdoor BBQ island.  (Thanks to PlusOneLandscape for their masonary work on this project)

The integrated built-in breakfast bar on the right side serves as a focal point for enjoying a nice BBQ meal while remaining close enough to watch what is still cooking on the grill, or one can just chill and sit down while sipping your favourite Merlot over some good conversation.

Outdoor BBQ Island Ideas
Outdoor BBQ Island Idea

Our advice to you if you are planning an outdoor BBQ island is to spend some time figuring out how you plan to use it and that will help drive the optimal layout and design to meet your needs....Bon appetite!