Thursday, March 23, 2017

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-fi Smart Thermostat will provide your home or business a modern tool that almost pays for itself based on all the neat technology that Honeywell has incorporated into its Wifi smart thermostat.  

This is a picture of the Honeywell wifi thermostat in our Toronto Custom Concepts Oakville showroom location.   As you can see it has a bright LCD screen with touch command activation with a bunch of manual or automated settings which include automatic temperature control with manual override.  You can change the colour scheme to match a colour theme in your room, for example:  having the same colour on the thermostat to blend with paint colour on the wall.  The unit as also remote access via your mobile smart phone via applications downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play.  It handles both your heating and cooling needs efficiently.  Very neat!

Toronto Retail Store Renovation

This renovation of a Toronto retail clothing store was a full renovation project which include new drywall, flooring, change rooms and millwork.  You can see the new potlights and ceiling beams

Here are some pictures of the completed work.

Toronto Retail Store Renovator
Toronto Retail Store Renovator

Toronto Store Renovation Company
Toronto Store Renovation Company

Hope you like the final results

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Toronto Custom Closet

This Toronto custom closet project was part of an entire home renovation so this closet was framed from the ground up to exact measurements.  As you can see, we incorporated a section for long hanging jackets along with two half hanging sections along with a series of shoe compartments.  The exterior was completed in a glossy grey finish with a open shelf for daily use items such as mobile phones, keys, wallet etc...  Hope you like it!

Toronto Modern Closet

Oakville Renovation Before & After Pictures

Check out these before & after pictures of TCC completing an Oakville renovation on this full home remodel.   We love to take pictures of our work and our projects to really showcase the design possibilities of renovating your home or business.

In the following pictures you will see a 4 bedroom home in Oakville that we completely removing all of the main floor load bearing walls and transforming it from a traditional to a modern masterpiece.   As you can see by the pictures the changes are truly dramatic.

Load Bearing Wall Removal
Toronto Load Bearing Wall Removal
Toronto Modern Wall-Unit
Toronto Modern Wall-Unit

Toronto Staircase Renovation
Toronto Staircase Renovation

As a tip when you are looking at the renovation pictures, try and use a window as a reference point as many of the shots are tough to make out all of the transitions from old to new.

Let us know your feedback on this renovation!