Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toronto Custom Bathroom is up and live!

Toronto Custom Bathrooms division of Toronto Custom Concepts has launched it's dedicated website focused on highlighting our clients bathroom renovation projects.

You can click here to see the new website!

Let us know your feedback and suggestions for the site.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Before and After Bathroom Renovation Pics

Before and after renovation pictures really help to serve a variety of purposes.  If you are a client looking to renovate then before and after pictures can provide you with an idea of different styles and colours for your renovation project.   If you are a contractor or designer, before and after renovation pictures can serve as a guide and provide useful visual cues for your client on how their project may turn out.

Here are a couple of our before and after pictures of a recent bathroom renovation project...

Before and After Renovation Pictures
Before And After Shower
Before and After Bathroom Pictures
Before And After Shower

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Custom Heat Registers

Custom heat registers provide that integrated look and a seamless finish to a renovation project.   Heat registers are necessary but the standard builder ones take away from the completeness of a custom renovation project.

Custom Heat Register
Custom Heat Register

Heat Register Tile
For example, we completed a bathroom last month, and you can see in the following picture if we used a standard heat register the bathroom flooring would have seemed nice but not perfect. 

The porcelain tile we used didn't flow into a standard heat register, so we used an existing porcelain tile and then custom cut into a pattern that presented a seamless transition from tiles to heat register.   We were absolutely thrilled with the final outcome and so was our client!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Face Frame Cabinets

This face frame cabinet that we completed in a recent bathroom renovation highlights another option to provide a stronger and more custom appearance that seems more integrated and flows from end to end.

Face Frame Cabinets
Face Frame Cabinet
Face Frame Bathroom Vanity
Face Frame Bathroom Vanity

Face frame cabinets are comprised of vertical stiles and horizontal rails that really provide a pronounced custom look and feel.   We really enjoyed incorporating face frame cabinetry into this bathroom renovation.  We hope you enjoy these bathroom pictures...