Saturday, September 10, 2016

Toronto Bathroom Contractor

When evaluating Toronto bathroom contractors one should always consider a variety of factors.  

Toronto Bathroom Contractor
Toronto Bathroom Contractor
1) Is the bathroom contractor experienced....It is amazing how many times we have been called in after cheaper initial 'contractor' was hired then fired.    Many of these kinds of contractors exist out there....unfortunately there are probably more of those types of contractors out there than the good ones...  
Just Google the words 'renovation horror stories','crooked contractors', 'contractor scams' and see the pages and pages of nightmare renovators that come up.

2)  Is the contractor licensed, insured, and does he have WSIB for his workers/sub-contractors.

3) Is the contractor willing to give you a detailed estimate of the scope of work that he is contractually obligated to provide to you.   Many contractors give napkin based or swiss-cheese estimates with a lot of holes in it with respect to detailed scoped.  The risk is on the consumer to ask and have the contractor document what is in project scope.

4)  References....Testimonials....Pictures/Videos...Customer Site Walk-thrus.... Ensure that the contractor you are considering really did the work he claims they did.   As you interview your potential future renovator, double check their work by asking the street address of their customers for any of the pictures they provided to you.   If they forgot their client names and addresses, that would be a BIG RED FLAG

5)  Does the contractor offer reasonable payment terms based on project deliverables being completed.   If they want a large chunk of money upfront then I would re-consider.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss any of these considerations....