Monday, June 20, 2016

Toronto Built-in Wallunit

We completed this built-in wall unit in Toronto with a more contemporary sleek wood design that showcases floating cabinets elevated above the hardwood flooring.  The entire built-in wall unit extends wall-to-wall with no wasted spaces or filler.   The mid section of the built-in wall unit includes 4 cabinet drawers that protrude out from the middle of the built-in with no visible hardware handles or fixtures

Toronto Built-in Wallunits
Toronto Built-in Wallunits

The two side end sections of the wallunit are slightly recessed back from the middle section to highlight a textured look and provide the custom built-in with some character.  The two side glass sections incorporate multiple display shelves.   The top box section above the TV includes embedded LED lights for some additional lighting.

Hope you like the final results from Toronto Custom Concepts!