Friday, March 1, 2013

Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Here are some kitchen renovation ideas that will make a huge improvement in your home and will not break the bank...

1. Reface old cabinets - swap out your old cabinet doors with something more current.   Designs, colours, materials have come a long way

2. Remove your old countertop - replacing your existing countertop and install a new one using granite or another natural stone will improve your kitchen aesthetics and increase your homes value

3. Install Backsplash - adding a nice backsplash can add a nice finishing touch to you kitchen.

4. Add Crown Moulding and Valences along your cabinets - it completes your cabinets top and bottom.

5. Replace hardware - swap out old knobs, for fresh new pulls, handles, rings to rejuvenate your kitchen

These kitchen renovation ideas will help improve your kitchen appeal and will help increase your homes value!