Friday, June 29, 2012

Cabinet Wood Types

When considering what type of wood to select for your cabinets, here is a list of common wood types that you should think about:

Pine - a softer wood that it usually considered for a more rustic/cottage look and feel due to the knots within the wood.  Prone to dent easier than other woods due to its soft density. Typically on the lower cost than other woods as well.

Oak - a much harder and denser wood with open grains running through out it.  Typically much more durable and seen in a variety of different colours and shades.

Maple - another hardwood with less grain variation than Oak. 

Hickory - also another option to be considered when looking for a more rustic appearance.

Mahogony - provides more of a richer deep wood appearance, typically highlighted in accents of brownish/redish colour tones. 

Poplar - a common, more plentiful wood commonly used in cabinets.  A more cost effective wood used for many wood construction projects.