Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Toronto Closet Design Ideas

With the recent population growth in Toronto over the past decade, many people are looking for closet design ideas that maximize space and usability.

So....what should one consider when designing their closet? 

Lets start by looking at how you currently organize your space.  Consider the following:  Are you currently utilizing all the available space in your closet to its full potential? If not, how come?  Most people have enough closet 'real estate' but many do not have the ideal layout for their storage needs, so space is often underutilized or wasted needlessly.

So where to begin?   Lets start by looking at your current clothing needs and take stock of your current clothing inventory....So count the percentage of clothing categories that you use and how you manage them presently...For example, do you wear suits, do you wear sweaters, do you keep a shoe collection in your closet, how do you put-away your ties... etc....etc...

Once you collected your 'closet inventory' and respective percentages, next figure out the ratio of hanging items vs put-away items via shelves and drawers.  Once you figure out those metrics, it will make your closet design project much easier.

If you are in the greater Toronto area, feel free to give us a call to help you by producing a no-obligation 3-D optimized conceptual design for the layout of your closet, so you too can utilize your closet space to its fullest potential!...Good luck!