Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Custom Basements - Things To Considers Before Starting a Renovation

When deciding how to design your custom basement, many folks forget to take into account many considerations before having work started on their basements.  Ask yourself, "What should I consider when designing a basement..."

First, determine what is the basement going to be used for...perhaps:
-Secondary family room
-Playroom for the kids
-Additional bedrooms
-TV theatre room
-Entertaining wetbar / games room
-Custom bathroom / spa
Or a combination of any/all of these....the possibilities are ENDLESS :)

Now, once you figure your list of what you need/want, next is getting into the layout.  This process is very important to ensure you get the most out of your basement renovation project.  You need to walk around with a tape measure to get accurate dimensions of your potential rooms.  In an unfinished basement, use masking tape on the floor to envision walls, furniture, objects, and walkways (ie:  remember putting in a 4x8 pool table also requires a few feet of clearance around the entire table).  Typically, sketch out your layout with furniture on graph paper to get a better accurate idea of spacing.

Next, once you figure out the layout, you should list/sketch out all of your accessories (lamps, mini-fridge, tv, stereos, computers etc...).  This will help you map out and determine your electrical, heating/venting and lighting needs.  Don't forget to consider where your windows are for bringing in nature light as well into your custom basement design.

Check out our custom basement ideas or our picture gallery to get you started...

Good luck!