Saturday, March 4, 2017

Oakville Renovation Before & After Pictures

Check out these before & after pictures of TCC completing an Oakville renovation on this full home remodel.   We love to take pictures of our work and our projects to really showcase the design possibilities of renovating your home or business.

In the following pictures you will see a 4 bedroom home in Oakville that we completely removing all of the main floor load bearing walls and transforming it from a traditional to a modern masterpiece.   As you can see by the pictures the changes are truly dramatic.

Load Bearing Wall Removal
Toronto Load Bearing Wall Removal
Toronto Modern Wall-Unit
Toronto Modern Wall-Unit

Toronto Staircase Renovation
Toronto Staircase Renovation

As a tip when you are looking at the renovation pictures, try and use a window as a reference point as many of the shots are tough to make out all of the transitions from old to new.

Let us know your feedback on this renovation!

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